Meet the characters



There is always something to look forward to in the little house that is home,
and Molly finds her day pleasantly complete when there is time for a nap.
Convinced that it’s her job to be beautiful, Molly is a very busy pig.

Molly is a mindful pig who tries to look her best every day. She loves tea parties and cupcakes with icing. She is polite and respectful. Charm is her specialty.


Suzie goes to playschool. She loves colouring and gluing and making things. She lives right over there, and visits the little house every day. Her favorite color is pink. Her favourite pig is Molly. Her favourite playmate is Molly. Tea parties are her specialty.



Like most cats, Cat is concerned mostly with his own comforts. However, his attachment to Molly often causes him to think bigger than himself, and they are very close.

Cat is Molly’s best friend and constant companion. He likes napping and prefers warm milk to tea. Sometimes he’s a scaredy-cat. Purring is his specialty.


Elizabeth is neat and orderly by nature and enjoys helping Molly look her best. There is always time in her busy day for a cup of tea, but first things come first. Thanks to Elizabeth everything works out just fine-most days.

Elizabeth is Sam’s wife. She is kind and loving. She is sensible and wise. Flowers are her specialty.



When Sam isn’t washing his motorbike, polishing his motorbike or fixing his motorbike, he cuts the grass, paints the fence, and takes care of all the chores.

Sam is Elizabeth’s husband. He is very thoughtful. Sam loves ice cream. He reads the newspaper every morning and enjoys telling stories. Fixing is his specialty.