Just for parents

Why Molly?

The benefits of reading to children have been well documented, but making this a priority at the end of a busy day can be a struggle for parents trying to cover all the bases.

“You can imagine that if someone technologically came up with a widget that would stimulate all aspects of a two-year-old’s development, everyone would want to buy it.”
— Professor Barry ZuckermanDepartment of Pediatrics, Boston University School of Medicine

If bedtime reading is right up there with making sure that everyone has brushed their teeth, here are a few suggestions as to why you might want to consider Molly The Beautiful Pig.

Molly The Beautiful Pig is a
feel-good ‘Yaaay Molly’ positive success story that reinforces reading as a pleasurable activity.

Opportunities for sharing and meaningful dialogue, on many topics, present themselves throughout the book. “It would be fun to go to playschool with Suzie someday,” Molly thought to herself.

Written for all ages, both children and adults can appreciate the responsibility that Molly feels is hers, as part of a family.

Even very young children experience some stress in their relationships with playmates. Finding a best friend in Molly can be a comforting experience.

Family Time

Marilyn’s participation and expertise in facilitating opportunities for family time at BEYOND Face Painting events is well known. As the owner and creator of both Molly The Beautiful Pig and BEYOND Face Painting, Marilyn is thrilled to be able to open the door to a unique and fun event for Molly fans.
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